Thursday, February 4, 2010



Not eating has taught me how fragile the human body is. I don't eat much normally; usually just some toast for breakfast, maybe a bagel for lunch and then a small dinner. I used to eat a lot less (no breakfast and no lunch, just a small dinner), but then I realized how bad it was to eat so little, and I had gotten really skinny, so I started eating a bit more.

Recently though I went for about 27 hours without eating. It wasnt on purpose, it was just a coincidence. I was running late for school so I just had a milkshake for breakfast. I was buying my lunch, and the line up at the cafeteria was so long that I decided to just get an energy drink at the corner store instead. I then went to a friend's house before going to see a movie. I drank a glass of water at her house and didn't have enough money to buy a ticket (a friend got me in) let alone some popcorn. The movie was long and painful and my stomach hurt the whole time. As soon as it was over I stumbled out into the light of the theatre and was completely confused. My eyes were taking a long time to adjust and my head and stomach hurt like hell. I felt like if I made a wrong move I'd physically fall apart, or my eyes would stop working or something of that nature. I ate as soon as I got home.

That, along with reading articles about starvation, made me realize that humans may be able to go through a lot, but stuff turns to shit after even just 24 hours of not eating.


Doing LSD made me realize just how powerful the brain is, and how much a tiny square of paper can affect you. When on LSD the things you experience seem just as real as everyday experiences; your senses are just lying to you. Which makes you think: how much of what your senses tell you daily is true? Is there some sort of malfunction in all human brains where we don't see or hear or feel what is actually there? Probably not, though that's the kind of stuff you think when you're on acid. Crazy stuff that can't be proven, or could be easily proven wrong.

Oh, and if you're contemplating trying acid, here are some tips:

1) Make sure you're in a happy mood, in a good place and with friends you trust. Acid amplifies feelings, so if you feel bad you'll just feel worse. If it's your first time DO NOT DO IT ALONE.

2) Make sure you have something to amuse yourself with: nice calm or happy music, nothing violent or bad sounding. Interesting and colourful movies; DO NOT PUT ON ERASERHEAD! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

3) Do not eat anything that might disagree with you before the trip. No Chinese food.

4) Make sure you are educated about the drug, and any other drugs you might do, before doing them. A great website for information is Erowid.

5) Take into account that it will last a long time. Anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, with 2 to 5 hours of "after effects" before you're back to normal. These could be shorter or longer, depending on the person and their experiences with acid and other drugs.

6) If you smoke weed, the first time you smoke after the acid it is likely that you will experience some acid like effects. This is normal, and will go away after smoking a few times.

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