Friday, September 18, 2009

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Marilyn Manson perform a fairly short set at the Air Canada Centre. Damn ACC making their shows end at 11pm...

Actually, it was one of the most mediocre concerts I've been to ever. But maybe I'm just used to crazy things, like giving the crowd hard liquor and bleeding on stage. Manson was pretty tame, and so was the crowd. I'm pretty sure he burned a Bible once, and then he was going to do some coke, but he couldn't find a Canadian dollar bill. Haha, very funny Manson, at least our dollars don't get ruined in the washing machine.

I'm pretty sure the reason I didn't like it that much was because more than half of the songs he played were off his newest album which I haven't even bothered to listen to. After hearing "We're In America," I couldn't bring myself to listen to any more.

I also had to take out my contacts right before the concert because there was a rip in one and it was hurting my eye. Luckily Kate wears glasses, so we were passing them back and forth like a joint the whole show. From what I saw, Manson changed clothes for every new song and threw away about 7 different mics.

The one part of the show that I enjoyed was when he played Sweet Dreams (with a bunch of candles on the stage) which lead straight into Rock N' Roll Nigger. Unfortunately I was too far away to take good pictures, and I only had my cellphone on my anyway, but during Sweet Dreams I was motivated enough to take a few blurry, digital zoom'd shots.



(Those lights in front of the drums are the candles)

All in all it was worth it I guess. It would have been better than sitting at home all night on the internet, or seeing U2.

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