Saturday, September 26, 2009

I got the contact sheet back a few days ago for the B&W photos, though I haven't gotten any developed yet. From what I can tell they look pretty good, though I was a dope and thought the film was jammed when I was shooting, so I opened it up to check (in the dark of course), and saw no jam, so i closed it and it wound forward. Turns out that it wasn't a film jam, it was just low battery. So in the end I only got about 14 or 15 pictures (i forget) on a roll of 26.

But the good news is I found an awesome blog/zine/thing that's releasing a compilation of very short punk/noise songs on Monday (which also happens to be my birthday and World Rabies Day)

Their "company" is called Methodist Leisure (click) and their blog is Eat Yr Hands (click). Though their blog hasn't been updated in a while, so if you want to follow their escapades you should sign up for the mailing list or friend them on MySpace (click) or something.

Oh, and here's some noise:

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