Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drunk Writings

He always knows what's going on, but all the time he tries to express what's going on he writes it in a bracket,

Fine, i see how it is.
This nail is going to break really soon,-
- oh, why?
too much use
(you use so much, why don't you just deflate it)
- no, not reflate, just deflate. Destroy the memory.
Destroy this travesty, take my grass lawn mowed cross eyed and eat it.
- Tastes bad, where are you?
You can't imagine where I am, I hate it stop.
- You're just in pain, and i feel it too.
Hopscotch in my hair, and you're tired.
- I bet you won.
Won what?
- Wild. Magic, you're eyes are open
But they're not seeing anything
- I am the product of being awake, I am the product of aforementioned meanings,
I am a product, I am misunderstanding
- Misunderstanding spins like records around round round
I don't understand and I don't see how.
- We will feel paralyzed and parallel.

More wrote read write with wither,
Drink the rest, feel the wrist of our miscarriage.
Is this is the greatest, the fawn of believable gods.
(G)ods, for frauds,
We've only slept for frost fritten hours,
For fears rest on shoulder peak, peak, breaking eyes,
Words glimmer and also break the spot of blind eyes blind,
Lady Macbeth Gagago Romarez feels the wright,
Parallel to those who past horrid lies,
Feel guild down their spines,
Feel paralyzed and forget fagot,
Spines feel words that just break,
Food fears and bumblebees,
Lights lost between trees and fairy tales of troubled teeth,
A light between the forest's teats,
Is bugging me with too much,
Too much faith for one's man breach,
Or what are drugs to sleep the reach,
Skill faked fire of foresee we reach,
It tastes like God and Christmas and drugs till we're blind,
Plus fords fear fathers sucks touche.
The place we right for others to sleep right on feelings.
Gym class muscles feel far sight some times,
I'll be horrid and scams fore the frightless fearlings of fordinggalllz.
Or lost pirates of fearingglove,
Foring fails
Fucking gaols of night skill freeedom.
Fear feathered foreskins or have is said too much to kill you?
Foring nights on fortingdale FFFFFFFF
Skills to thrill the kill cult of nights between the overskale night hail mid night soft forefeet of copper.
Or such we thought, before the night fort night of killer ancestors that did not believe the same things we did or thought we would want to believe.
So suck or fucks or cunt sweet cunt breath of courtship courtliness datelnear south directional absinthe or abdrinks mortal break space for kill or nothing regular drunk bitch face the reality of sober suffering of kindred feelings of self-defiance.

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