Saturday, May 22, 2010

I had my frist real performance yesterday. I think it went well, aside from the fact that my second song didn't work due to "missing audio files" which were there the previous day.

I have a bunch of new noise songs that I'll upload either later today or sometime this weekend.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my print from the darkroom, so I wont be able to upload it to Monday at the earliest. But we have a found a cool effect that I'll probably use in the future. If you put a piece of paper with some words or a black and white image overtop of the photo paper while developing, wherever there is black ink on the paper, it will dodge, resulting in the words or image appearing over the photo. I'd like to do something with this later on.

I also planned on developing a negative that accidentally got dirty and stained. I think it'll look nice.

Seggie gave me an awesome poster of Patti Smith. In return I gave him a Kandy Kebab and a Richard Simmons Tonin' Ring.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a non-watermarked version of the poster.

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