Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School has started which means I'm going to be taking less pictures and, therefore, making even fewer updates. Which sucks.

Maybe, if I went to cool parties (which I don't) I could take party pics, but they seem really cliche and stupid. Plus I wouldn't be able to take pictures of anything that had alcohol or drugs in it because I only have a film camera and cellphone camera. I've grown tired of the cellphone style pictures and the closest place to get film developed is a car ride away, so my mom would have to drive me, seeing as i don't have a license. She would naturally want to see the pictures and then get mad at the drugs or alcohol. Even these cottage pictures were hard to take because of all the drugs and shenanigans that were going on, so I imagine parties would be much harder to photograph.

I can't take pictures in school because it has a very strict 'no cameras' rule. But I may update with stories I write or various class assignments that I actually find interesting.

I hope I don't bore you to tears (whoever even reads this)

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