Friday, September 11, 2009

I found this awesome website called Internet Archaeology (click), which is an archive of old school, pre-web2.0 gifs and images, so I'm going to jazz up this post with a bunch of them. Mainly because it's just an update, and gifs might make it less boring.

School has started, and, since I'm taking enriched English (lots of work) as well as APS (Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology) online (as an E-Learning course) I'm going to be swamped with work.

On the upside we're doing a lot of creative writing in English class, so I can post some of that stuff, if I find it interesting enough.

I'm also taking a Communication Technology (Computer Arts) course, and our first unit is photography (YEAH!), unfortunately, it's digital photography, sans photoshop (booo!). Though I've been told my school has a darkroom...

But I might have found a work around to make kickass original images: take the photo, print it out, then scan it in black and white with that high contrast setting that makes everything either black and white, no gray. I forget what it's called. Hopefully the teacher will let me do that.

I'm also taking Religions, and there are lots of essays in that class, so if I write something particularly amusing or controversial, I'll post it here.

Well, that's what might be happening in the future. I'll try to take more analog shots if I can find some free time and interesting things to shoot.

Sorry for the make work post.

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