Friday, August 28, 2009


Once upon a time there was a wolf monster that lived deep in the forest. One Sunday this wolf monster decided to go to the closest church he could find and kill and eat everyone inside, then burn down the church with his fire breath. So he did. He found killing people and burning churches fun, so he decided to do it every Sunday.

The people who went to church, however, didn’t like this. All the churches got together and decided that this wolf was one of Satan’s workers sent to kill the unfaithful. They agreed that the only way to stop it was through prayer. So they broadcast a message to everyone they could.
The Priest said: “This wolf is one of Satan’s demons. We must all join together and pray for salvation from The Lord. This is the only way this monster can be defeated, if you don’t pray he will eat you and your family.”

This scared many people, even those who did not believe in God or go to church. The atheists and agnostics decided that they should go to church and pray to help get rid of the wolf monster.

Unfortunately the wolf monster was not a soldier of Satan, nor did he have any concept of God or a creator, he just liked to kill and eat people, and burn things with his fire breath. So no matter how many people prayed, he would keep burning churches with his fire breath and eating all the religious people. In fact, the more people who showed up to pray, the more people he would get to eat. He liked it when more people prayed, even the people who used to be atheists or agnostics.

The wolf monster kept on eating people and burning churches with his fire breath till there were no more churches and no more religious people left. By then the wolf monster was old and grew tired of his adolescent games. He went to live the rest of his life in the forest, leaving all the unbelievers alone.


The moral of the story is this: Do not voluntarily give yourself enemies if you don’t have to, because one of them might be a wolf monster who will kill you and eat you while you’re in church.

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