Monday, August 24, 2009


It has come to my attention that the media these days appear to be pushing some sort of bizarre concept. They call this concept "love." This idea has been promoted through the use of movies, music, novels and other forms of mass public communication. From what i have observed, the concept of love has a benefit to businesses: promoting the sales of things such as giftcards, boxes of chocolate, roses, and diamond rings. Many people believe that these items "prove" love. From what i have gathered, love equals money.

Movies, books and music push this idea of love the most. But they do not realize that they promote an illogical fallacy. Many of these novels, songs and films describe a type of predestined fate that says someone will fall in love with you, and you will fall in love with them, and everyone will end up happy. I have seen no proof of fate. Love has a purpose: to act as a distraction.

What better way to distract people from much larger issues such as poverty and other injustices than inventing a high, semi-unattainable goal? Love distracts. Put everyone on a mission to fulfill their own selfish desires to keep them distracted from what we really should focus on.

But what benefit comes from this distraction? Simple: power, money, and status. People in high places like to stay in high places, so they lower their competition by distracting them. They invent holidays such as "Valentines Day" to rake in more money from spenders and to stimulate their economy. Love has the same qualities of religion. Love resides among the many things that we have invented.

Though i could have the wrong idea. Or maybe someone had invented love a long time ago fulfill the above purpose, and we are just stuck with the aftermath.

Or maybe i have no idea what I'm talking about and I'm just being a grouch.


  1. I usually like conspiracy theories, but I seriously doubt that love mainly is about people in high places wanting to keep their positions.

    Nonetheless, it is certainly a fabricated utopic idea - but really, isn't is neccessary to keep thoughts away from poverty etc, to a certain extent? Or we'd all dive down in deep depression. I think people want to believe in it to keep hopes up. Which then, of course, is (ab)used by the occasional mercenary.

  2. I agree with you.

    This was more of an impulse writing/E-Prime practicing/getting ideas down in paper post. After reading it over multiple times i see how ridiculous it is to think that love is a conspiracy.

    Though i stand by my belief that fate does not exist.

  3. And I agree with you on that. :)

    I'm not even 100% love exists, but I do enjoy it.