Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've been experimenting with black and white photography recently. I like these. Oh, and they were all taken with a cellphone, as are most of my photos.

Recently I acquired a film camera (It's a Canon, I forget what model), so I'll have some pictures from that soon. Also, when I got the Canon, I found a roll of film from 1994 with 23 of the 24 pictures taken (the last 5 were by me, but i didn't know if there was film in it or not). The film says processing included, so I'm going to take it to Loblaws soon to try and get it finished.


  1. “A roll of film from 1994.” Awesome.

    There is something infinitely intriguing about the photographs of strangers. Because I do not know the person who captured the pictures, it is up to my infinite imagination to ascribe a story to the photograph. I used to spend hours – literally hours – scouring eBay and Goodwills for old photographs (I’ve always been attracted to Polaroids).

    I don’t know… Years ago I used to deliver pizzas and whenever the person who ordered the pizza answered the door, I got a glimpse – a personal glimpse – of the person’s home; I saw, for a very brief moment, how they lived. Some people’s living spaces smelled of cleaning products and the furniture was placed at precise angles… it was something out of a catalog… a commercial. The living spaces of others reeked of cat piss or stale cigarettes… the sofas were worn and stained… fingerprints spotted smeared glass and cracked windows. Regardless of the décor, I always left wondering, Just who was that person… what kind of life do they live?

    The same thoughts cross my mind when I view photos of which I have no personal attachment.

    I find your photographs intriguing, especially your latest posts. Unlike the pictures I might find in a pre-owned camera or lying in some bin of a Goodwill, your photos (well, most of them) are abstract, and therefore obstruct my vision into your vision, which makes your pictures all the more intriguing.



  2. Thanks a lot.

    The camera (and therefore the film) actually belonged to my family, so I'm not sure what pictures will be in there, but they will probably be of my old house. I was one year old when the film was made, and that was back when my parents were crazy party people.

    So hopefully this will give me some more insight on my family.